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In January of 2020, U.S. News & World Report named Stockton, California the most racially and ethnically diverse big city in the United States.

The largest inland port in California, the city of Stockton is located several miles east of the San Joaquin River and about 90 miles inland from San Francisco Bay and today serves as a major shipping point for the many of agricultural and manufactured products of Northern California.

But Stockton is also known for its rich cultural diversity: In 2018, roughly 310,000 residents were 42% Hispanic, 24% Asian, 19% non-Hispanic white and 13% black and this all contributes to a lively local scene rich with museums and historic sites, such as the Mexican Heritage Center & Gallery in Downtown Stockton and the historic Newberry building, the Filipino American National Historical Society Museum that showcases contributions made by Filipino Americans, dating back to 1587. This central California city is also home to the Wat Dhammararam Cambodian Buddhist Temple, home to over 90 colorful and larger than life jewel-encrusted statues that celebrate the life of the Cambodian Buddha.

Shops and markets abound and you won’t want to miss arguably one of the best Saturday morning markets in California. You’ll want to fill your basket at the Downtown Stockton Asian Farmers’ Market with fresh and unique herbs, produce, and more from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Korea, China, and India.

The city’s mouthwatering dining options are a direct result of diverse cultural influences combined with fresh locally grown produce. Whether you want a hole-in-the-wall eatery or prefer fine dining, Stockton has it all. From Japanese, Chinese, or Thai, Mexican or Mediterranean, you’ll only be disappointed when you discover you can’t possibly try them all! 

New to the scene and not-to-be-missed is the Stockton Taco Trail, a mobile food experience that allows visitors and locals to literally and figuratively eat their way across the city and discover why Stockton is famous for its diverse and delightfully delicious Mexican food scene…and..tacos! 50 local restaurants, markets and food trucks all contribute to this delightfully delicious taste of Stockton.

Stockton is also home to an abundance of culturally rich and diverse festivals within its borders that includes Black Family Day, an annual event dating 53 years back, dedicated to Stockton’s thriving African American community. Another local favorite is the Jewish Food Fair that celebrates Jewish culture and features a bakeshop, sumptuous food items, games, and tours of the temple. Each May, Weber Point hosts the Cinco De Mayo Family Festival, filled with Mexican American culture, food, music, a parade, and family fun. And finally, the Saint Basil’s Greek Festival combines Greek cuisine and pastries with traditional Greek music and dancing.