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Tampa Bay is widely regarded as Florida’s most diverse destination and is celebrated year-round with a kaleidoscope of festivals, parades and an almost endless influx of newcomers who bring their own distinctive flavors to the melting pot of local life.

Perry Harvey, Sr. Park, named after the local civil rights leader, is located just north of downtown in the area once dubbed “The Scrub,” where former slaves settled after receiving their freedom. Originally developed in 1979 as a recreation spot for local youths, the bustling Central Avenue district and Chitlin Circuit drew musicians like Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles. Today, public facilities include an interactive fountain, performing space, basketball courts and a skate park.

While the indigenous natives of Florida were virtually gone by the 1700s, you can still learn about the region’s earliest cultures at the Tampa Bay History Center with a permanent exhibit of Tocobaga and Calusa artifacts, including a 2,000-year old canoe. The Coacoochee’s Story Theater documents the experiences of Seminole Chief Coacoochee during the Second Seminole War.

After Vicente Martinez Ybor moved his cigar-making operations to Tampa, the Hispanic population skyrocketed in the 1880s, bringing an influx of immigrants to work in the factories in what is now Ybor City. Now a flourishing nationally registered historic district popular with tourists, you can experience a culturally rich restaurant scene, shops and a thriving nightlife, including award-winning Tabanero Cigars where authentic Cuban-style cigars are still rolled by hand.

Each year, Tampa’s African-American community is celebrated during Tampa Black Heritage Festival, a city-wide event celebrated together with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and offers cultural festivities, live entertainment, sporting events, workshops, and a weekend music festival with well-known R&B artists that performs alongside locally grown talent.